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Historic Restaurant Updates with a New Sign


Los Angeles’ most historic restaurant, Tam O’ Shanter, established in 1922, recently underwent a sign transformation.  The new sign is meant to reflect the current trends of the surrounding culture, but still maintains the history of location in that it is Neon Sign, a method of lighting that has been used for over half a century, and in its design. The lightening bolt, which appeared in the 1930’s, but was not featured for a number of years, “returns as a vivid emblem of the Tam O’Shanter’s 21st century vitality” (April Neale, Oldest Restaurant in Los Angeles, Tam O’ Shanter, Get New Sign). Signs have the ability to highlight features from our past, while still allowing a company to renovate its look when it decides it’ time to update.  Here, we see a beautiful blend of both the past and present coming together in a sign that sends a message history translated through a new energy.

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ADA Signs Part Two: Why do you Need ADA Signs?

Our ADA Signs Expert blogs are written by our sign expert, John Myres, and designed to give you a detailed breakdown of what ADA Signs are all about.  Last week, we discussed what ADA Signs are, giving us a firm understanding of these signs.  This week, we will dive in a little further, discussing why ADA Signs are needed in a complex, even if they are not required.

Part Two: Why do you Need ADA Signs?

Most retail, commercial, residential and institutional buildings and complexes of any size are required by Federal and State laws to have the various types of ADA signs.  These properties include, but are not limited to, offices, apartment buildings, theaters, health care facilities, schools, government buildings and retail shopping centers.  If you are unsure whether your project is included, just call Landmark SignCustom ADA Room Sign The Commonss and we will be able to tell you if your project has ADA Signage needs.

Of course, virtually all new buildings are required to have proper and up-to-date ADA signs and features.  And typically, any time you remodel a portion or all of your facility, you will be required to bring them up to the current standards as well.

In addition to this, while you may think that your building or property is up-to-speed because work was done just a few years ago, the regulations are constantly evolving and becoming more stringent, almost on a yearly basis.  It is typically very likely that your building is out-dated, and you may not even know it.

Custom ADA Suite Sign Kerlin Jobe

Whether or not there is a question of if you should provide ADA signs for your property, it may be best to prevent legal liabilities.  If in the case that a lack of ADA signs or features such as ramps and restrooms is cause for injury to a handicapped person, you may be liable for those damages.  If your property is up to current standards, you will be able to protect your property from such liabilities.

Furthermore, if we can make our properties more accessible for the disabled, why not do so?  Even if your property does not technically require ADA Signs, it never hurts to be compassionate and kind.  Helpful handicap accessibility can be a source of good will that can go a long way towards creating a positive reputation both for yourself and your properties in your community.

Generally, people will not make a move until they are forced to do it.  This sends a message of procrastination and irresponsibility.  Instead, take the initiative. Why not be the first business, bank, commercial building or retail store that can truthfully advertise, “We care because we have upgraded all of our buildings for the disabled, even when we didn’t have to?”

Whatever your desire or required need is, you can trust Landmark Signs to meet it.  We have the knowledge and expertise to both determine exactly what is required for your property, and to come up with creative solutions that are both functional and beautiful.  Contact us today and we’ll be happy to help you!

Check back in with us next read to read Part Three: How can I have a Sign that’s Attractive and Still Meets the Regulations?

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Before and After: 1200 Wilshire Monument Sign

1200 Wilshire Monument Sign Before 1200 Wilshire Monument Sign After

“Recognizing the need is the primary condition for design.” Charles Eames

There comes a time when every company needs to upgrade their signage. Whether it be a new look, a desire to upgrade to more modern trends, or refurbishing for the purpose of environmental awareness (i.e. from Neon Signs to LED Signs), a change in signage can be exactly what a company needs to start fresh. Even if the business has been operating for decades, a new look can re-inspire, reinvent and remind both employees and employers a like that there is always room for new ideas.

At 1200 Wilshire, they decided it was time to upgrade their Monument Sign. And although the original Monument Sign was certainly classic in its simplicity, a change to make the Monument Sign more modern was needed. Staying true to the company’s concept of sophistication and elegance through simplicity, we maintained the classic look, while adding to current appearance through the use of brushed anodized aluminum and aluminum letters with a black baked enamel finish. The result was something both the sign designers at Landmark Signs, and the client could be proud of.

What at your company is in need of a new look? Could updated signage be just what your company needs to inspire imagination and spark creativity? Maybe your existing signage sends a message your company once promoted, but no longer focuses on. Perhaps a contemporary transformation, an environmentally friendly illuminated sign, or a completely different sign altogether is exactly what your company needs. At Landmark Signs, we understand the importance of sending the right message to potential customers through your signage. We’re here for you for all your before and after needs!

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ADA Signs Part One: What are ADA Signs?

Here we go, part one of our ADA Sign blog by our expert sign blogger, John Myres.  Having been in the sign industry for over 40 years, John’s insights into the sign world are significant, helpful, and unique. ( Learn more about John here.).  Our hope is that through this series on ADA Signs, you will learn about the different ADA Sign types, how important they are for any building, whether they are required or not, and that they can be custom designed to fit your specific sign needs.  First, we want to take the time to share with just what exactly and ADA Sign is.

Part One: What are ADA Signs?

Let’s take a brief look at the basics of ADA Signage.  The acronym “ADA” represents the “Americans with Disabilities Act.” In this act, laws were established by the Federal Government requiring business and government facilities to make their establishments easier and friendlier for persons with disabilities.  One of these required features are ADA Signs.  These signs and plaques scattered throughout a building provide valuable information for navigating.

Custom ADA Evacuation Plan Kerlin JobeNow, there are two basic categories of signs generally referred to as ADA signs: exterior and interior.

The goal of exterior ADA Signage is to direct a handicapped person into an accessible parking stall, usually located closest to a building entrance.  From there, ADA Signs guide that person through a prepared route with special pavement and sidewalk markings, and ramps, to a building entrance wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair.  Along the way there will be those common wheelchair symbols we are all familiar with, decorating several permanent signs and decals.

While, interior ADA Signs are, for the most part, actually for the sight impaired.  Although, the needs of those in a wheelchair are still seen to with Restroom Door ADA Signs that will have a wheelchair symbol to indicate that the restroom has been modified for wheelchair accommodation.

Custom ADA Storage Sign The CommonsIn general, interior ADA Signs and plaques are raised letter signs, designed for use by persons who are sight impaired to identify rooms and areas off of the common hallways of buildings accessible to the general public.  These signs and plaques will also contain braille dots.

The good news is, Landmark Signs does both types!  And rather than cluttering your parking area or building with plain, boring, unattractive and common off-the-shelf varieties, Landmark Signs can design, manufacture and install completely custom ADA Signs and plaques that will handsomely compliment and enhance your property’s architecture and beauty.  Not only do we have decades of experience  at determining what the laws require for your complex, we can help you meet those requirements effectively and attractively.

Check back with us next week for Part Two: Why do you Need ADA Signs

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Signs of the World: Radio City Music Hall Sign

Radio City Music Hall Sign

It’s no secret: America has spent the last several years facing many hardships with shattering impacts on its citizens. And though, people have an opinion about what or who is to blame, regardless, the reality is that America is struggling. There have been moments when it seems that the future is bleak. Confusion, fear and anxiety devour our days, and bleed over into so many tomorrow’s that we are left wondering if that’s all our tomorrow’s are ever going to be filled with. While it may at times seem like this will most certainly be the case, being so consumed with what is going to happen often ends up being a very fruitless endeavor, because the only consistency that the future hold is that it’s unpredictable.

But the past, now that’s something we know. We study instants in our nation’s history and understand many of its characteristics. We put significant moments on a timeline; we look at its occurrences and better identify the causes; we learn from our nation’s decisions. And we see that our nation has gone through struggles before, and overcame them.

Radio City Music Hall InteriorRadio City Music Hall is one such symbol of this strength. It stands for much more than just a place where the elite of the showbiz industry performed and entertained. When researching Radio City, obviously, being that this is a sign industry blog, what first attracted me to it was of course, the sign. Beautiful, larger than life (it’s marquee taking up an entire city block!), and eye-catching, the Radio City Music Hall sign is nationally recognizable. Everything about its construction is meant to draw attention: from its glimmering lights to its ornate design. It makes a statement!Radio City Music Hall Stage

While the intent is to make a statement for the company itself, like many historic signs, it ended up representing even more! To understand that, we have to take a look back to another extremely difficult time in our nation’s history: the stock market crash of 1929. This was an absolutely devastating time for many Americans who greatly feared never being able to recover. Although, John D. Rockefeller, Jr., could not solve all the financial problems, he did desire to alleviate some of the burdens Americans were facing. So, in 1932, he teamed up with the Radio Corporation of America and “theatre genius” S.L. “Roxy” Rothafel to design “a theatre unlike any in the world…a place for the people. A place of beauty offering high-quality entertainment at prices ordinary people could afford” (History: Radio City Music Hall). This musical palace, was called Radio City Music Hall.

Radio City Music Hall Sign VerticalSince its establishment, Radio City has been the host of over 700 movie openings, including National Velvet, White Christmas, and Mary Poppins. Hollywood legends such as Cary Grant, Barbara Stanwyck and Jimmy Stewart have visited to sign autographs. Bette Midler and Stevie Wonder have played to sold out audiences. Its golden interior and golden curtain (the largest in the world) represents not only the Golden Age of Hollywood, but a place of dreaming for its everyday moviegoers, a place where recovering Americans could gather together and be inspired to hope for a “golden” future.

And the sign that has boldly been lit for more than seven decades is a reflection of the bright future of America. Looking back now, years later, we can reflect upon, yes the struggle, but more prominently, the bravery it took to overcome staring down struggle and the vision to see the future as more than a series of troublesome tomorrow’s. At the end of the day, Radio City Music Hall is simply another building, and the sign beckoning viewers to step inside its doors, is just another sign. But when we stop to think about what it stands for, when we look beyond the letters and what they advertise, we see much more than neon and construction and design. We can literally glance back at the past. We can remember.

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ADA Sign Expert Blogger

(Our in-house expert, John Myres will tell you what you need to know in a series of blogs.  Click here to read more about him.)

ADA Signs are most likely a sign type that you have often heard talked about.  Perhaps, in passing you have also heard the terms “braille signs,” “handicap signs” or “compliance signs.” All of which are terms that fall under the category of ADA Signs but are not inclusive.  And if any images of what these signs actually look like pop into your head, you are probably imagining something that looks a little something like this:

Typical ADA Signs

Just your standard, basic and quite frankly, boring ADA Sign that you are required by law to put up in your building.  Not exactly a custom designed sign to add character and appeal to your building or store.  Nothing really to blog about, and most certainly nothing to read about.

But what if your ADA Sign looked a little bit more like this?

ADA Mens Restroom Door Sign

Or better yet, this?

Custom ADA Restroom Sign Kerlin Jobe

Interested now?

What if you learned that ADA Signs could be custom created to meet your aesthetic needs and reflect your company’s signage needs: from classic and subtle to exciting and innovative? It’s possible that you might not only “have to” put up ADA Signs, but that you might actually “want to”!  And that is signage worth learning about!  Check back in with us on Thursdays to read our latest sign expert blog series on ADA Signs.  Learn what they really are, why they are necessary and how they can enhance your property’s and company’s look and feel.

Next Thursday: What Are “ADA Signs.”

To check out our last sign expert blog series on Monument Signs, click here.

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Sign Project: Salon Couture Studios

Couture Channel Letter Sign

Halo and Directly Illuminated Channel Letter Sign

For the project, Couture Salon Studios, our designers at Landmark Signs, were given the opportunity to be creative with the various types of signs, including ADA Signs, an Illuminated Channel Letter Sign, a Lobby Sign and several Blade Signs. At Couture Salon Studios, a customer can choose from a plethora of cosmetic luxuries, from manicurists and massage therapists, to hair stylists and make-up artists all within the same building. It is a business in which artistic style and quality customer service is key. Which is why, when it came time to design their sign, we wanted to make sure the signs highlighted these features, promoting class, artistry and dependability.

Couture Interior SignThe colors, font, materials and manufacturing needed to be carefully planned and executed in order to make sure the client’s message was incorporated into the sign. When discussing the Channel Letter Sign, we knew it needed to stand out from other typical Channel Letter Signs. It had to make a statement. With the brick background, we thoughtfully chose an aluminum backing to provide a contrasting between the sign and the backdrop. While the aluminum provides the opportunity for the sign to be more easily spotted, the dark brown lettering maintains the subtle, classic look that is important for portraying elegance. Lastly, the translucent acrylic teal wings of the brown butterfly reflects the company’s innovative qualities.

Dimensional Lobby Wall Display

As can be seen in the images, similar color schemes and materials were maintained for the interior signage. The Lobby Sign, which makes the first impression upon a customer entering the store, is a smaller version of the Channel Letter Sign, non-illuminated and made of acrylic letters. The interior signage consists of regulatory ADA Signs and tenant Blade Signs. The ADA Signs includes Restroom Signs, Room Plaques, and Evacuation Plans were made of acrylic. The Blade Signs, made of clear acrylic, hang delicately from S-hooks.

Couture Shop Signs Couture Shop Sign Close Up

Realizing that a sign gives a company the opportunity to send a message of what their company stands for without having to say a single word. Before a customer even steps foot into a store, a powerful impression can be made through powerful signage. For the Couture Salon Studios Sign Project, Landmark Signs created signage that highlighted the imaginative and classic features of the company, reminding customers of who they are and what they stand for.

To read about other Landmark Signs Project, click here.


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Sign Industry Blog: First Impressions

IMG_0566 IMG_0565

Viewing signs as an opportunity to send a message, whether that message be bold and loud or subtle and classic, is one of the staple goals at Landmark Signs. Signs of various types, including but not limited to Monument Signs, ADA Signs, and Directional Signs, can project details about a company, point to a Landmark’s history, or, as discussed in the article entitled “National Sign Plaza’s Wayfinding Approach” by author Steve Aust, can even “establish a city’s personality” (Aust). In a interview with the sign company, National Sign Plazas’ president, Grant Hayzlett, both interviewer and interviewee discuss how even Directional Signage can make a first impression upon visitors to a new city.

How a sign is crafted, displayed and designed can send a message to the sign viewer about what a city desires to highlight the most. A wood sign displays an emphasis on a city’s past. A sign made of sleek, silver aluminum, can portray a city’s desire to maintain modern, current standards. That is why Grant Hayzlett says that when planning a city’s Directional Signage design, part of his sign company’s process is “to engage in some level of community outreach…it’s our job as consultants to listen and incorporate feedback into our planning and design when it’s appropriate. After all, projects must be considerate of the needs of many” (Aust).

Click here to read the full article.

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