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Sign Industry Blog: Potter’s Fire Sets Fire to Sign Designer’s Imagination

Potter's Fire

A beautiful, hand-crafted sign was recently designed and installed in Vail, Colorado by a sign company called House of Signs.  The owner Roger Cox, took the time to write out an article, detailing the creative process and materials used in producing this 3D Sign for Potter’s Fire, a pottery studio in Virgina.  Production of the sign was not easy, much of which can be learned by further reading the article, but what stood out what the amount of care and time it took to build.  Potter's Fire Gold LeafFrom hand-crafted pottery, to incorporating elegant Gold Leaf letters, this is a sign that shows how with a little imagination and handwork, a sign can stand out from the everyday simply by realizing that sign design is the chance to create art.

To read the full article, click here.

The sign was installed using a French-cleat system with vertical spacers.<br /><br /><a href="/content/colorados-house-signs-fires-up-virginia-potters-branding">View Image Details</a>

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