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Featured Sign: Lantern Bay Monument Sign

Lantern Bay Gold Leaf Monument Sign

Location: Dana Point, CA

Description: 1/4″ Extira composite exterior wood panel routed to 1/2″ depth, primed and painted with White gloss enamel. 1/2″ raised border and edge gilded with 23 1/2 carat gold leaf. 1/2″ raised copy finished with 1-Shot Dark Blue gloss enamel. 1/2″ raised scores finished with 1-Shot Blue Green gloss enamel.

Some of my favorite Landmark Signs, are those in which we get to use Gold Leaf.  There is just something about the color and shine of Gold Leaf that makes any sign look more elegant and classic.  Gold Leaf Signs are just at another level; their beauty and sophistication stands out from most other signs.

Of course, some say they look more high-end, because they are more costly.  And this can most definitely be true.  Especially when talking about completely covering a sign in Gold or Silver Leaf (for examples of Gold Leaf Signs, check out our blog post).  That can definitely add up quickly .  But as was the case with the Lantern Bay Village Monument Sign, it is still possible to incorporate Gold Leaf into a sign, without spending a fortune.  Lantern Bay chose to use a Gold Leaf border around the panel of their Monument Sign.  Not only did this add a creative feature to a more basic sign, but this also allowed the customer to send a message of luxury and class without having to break the bank.

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