Sign Industry Article: Message in a Coffee Cup

Stone Creek Install Stone Creek Monument

Signs have the potential to be so much more than simply words on a wall. They can transform the image of the company; like a piece of art a well-designed sign can display virtually any message a company desires. Colorful, vibrant illuminated signs reflects a company that is eye-catching and noticeable for more than just their sign. Substantial and dimensional Monument Signs tell the story of a business that is established and trustworthy. And a unique, creative design that blurs the line between sign and art, very much like Stone Creek Coffee rooftop sign in Milwaukee, WI, sends the proud and bold message that a company is here to stay.

This painted sign made of fiber-glass and aluminum and weighs 400 pounds! It is powerful sign captures the attention of passers-by because of it’s size, dimension and impactful message. It most definitely gives a whole new definition to what it means to be a 3D Sign!

For more information about this sign, click here.

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