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Sign Project: Martin Luther King Jr. Hospital

IMG_4130MLK Main Monument Sign

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Scope of Work: 4 sets of Exterior Dimensional Letters, 3 Double-Faced Monument Sign, 2 Single-Faced Monument Signs, and 9 Directional Monument Signs

Often times, we come across a project that requires us to design, manufacture and install many signs at one site. This tests us in a number of ways including our organizational skills, our ability to manufacture many signs at once, and our installation skills. Of course, it is a challenge, but ultimately when we are able to provide a client with multiple quality, custom signs that they are happy with, we consider it a challenge well worth the effort.

Such was the case with the Martin Luther King Jr. Hospital sign project. Here was a client where our signs would prove not only helpful to them, but to the patients that would be coming in and out of their buildings. In fact, since many of their patients would require emergency services, it was imperative that our signs be informative in their directions, easy to spot and even easier to read. Which is why for this project, we went with a color scheme of teal, black, silver and white. As can be seen in the images, these colors contrasted nicely with one another, making the signs extremely legible, standing out from their surroundings. It also allowed us to provide our clients with signs that accomplished their needs, while maintaining an elegant look that would reflect well upon the company.

With that being said, here is quick look at the different signs we provided.

Exteriod Dimenal Letter Street SignExterior Dimensional Letter Main Entrance

Here we have a couple of examples of the exterior signage we provided, four sets in all. These are water jet cut aluminum, non-illuminated dimensional letters with a baked enamel finish.

Directional Monument SignUrgent Care Directional Monument Signs
Next, we can see two examples of the different types of Directional Monument Signs we installed. There are a total of nine on this project. All of the Monument Signs, Directional Signs included, were made in the same way. There is an aluminum sign cabinet with internal fluorescent lighting with reverse applied translucent graphics on a Lexan panel with an opaque black background.

Double Faced Monument SignSingle Faced Monument Sign

Finally, we have two examples of our Monument Signs. The first being a double faced Monument Sign, three in all. And the second picture is of a single-faced Monument Sign; on this project there were a total of two. All of these signs were manufactured in the same manner as the signs described above.

With the Martin Luther King Jr. Hospital project, we were able to provide our client and their clients with the informative signs they would need to rely on in cases of emergencies, as well as design signs that would speak well of the company that purchased them.

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