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Sign Industry Article: Ghost Signs


Jeff Russ, author of the article Ghost Signs (and Print Replicas) Leave Echoes of Bygone Eras, wrote an interesting article about ghost signs that we thought would be interesting for our readers. Recently, Detroit’s TAP restaurant, when looking to create an interesting advertisement, decided to replicate a ghost sign. Crescent HotelThis choice apparently encouraged a further examination into ghost signs and their history. Ghost signs are those old, rather worn down looking signs that have faded, due either to time, circumstance or neglect. Russ points out that it is “their lead-based paints contribute to their defining look; the paint clings to the brick surface in a way that modern paint formulations can’t.”

Unfortunately, over time, many of these ghost signs have been repainted over, faded, or simply disappeared. However, almost any town in America has ghost signs that have survived. Russ encourages sign makers, distributors and companies alike to appreciate these signs and do our best to preserve them. After all, it is signs like these that and give a little glimpse into our nation’s past.


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To read the whole article or to see more of the gallery of images go to: Cola

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