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Signs of the World: LAX Letters

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The Los Angeles International Airport Sign, a beautiful and bold statement that anyone who has traveled in and out of the airport it represents, has most likely seen. It’s a hard sign to miss! Towering at up to 10 stories high (roughly 30 feet in height) and internally illuminated with LED lighting, it stands for much more than just an airport. Furthermore, it tells of the importance of choosing a sign that will reflect well upon a company, for a sign truly has the potential to be its very own Landmark.


Such a possibility is very likely part of the reason the sign designers, engineers and manufacturers wanted to make sure that they were making a statement with their sign. Erected in 2000 by Selbert Perkins Design for the Democratic National Convention that was held at the airport, it was meant to serve as more than just a sign of arrival and departure. The designers also desired for it to become a landmark and a gateway for those coming and going.

It also serves to represent the history of the LAX airport itself. Open to the public in 1930, it was originally called Mines Field after the real estate agent who made the deal for the 640 acre piece of land in Westchester that the airport would be constructed upon. It was later renamed Los Angeles International Airport in 1949 and by 1957, 201 departures a week were taking place. However, it wasn’t until 1959 that the airport made its first passenger flight from LA to New York. Reconstruction and the addition of terminals and terminal entrances later took place in 1984 in preparation of the Summer Olympics. And as of 2011, LAX was the sixth busiest airport in the world with 61,862,052 passengers.

Hollyood Sign

With so many customers flying in and out of LAX, it’s no wonder the airport chose a sign that would be inspiring, powerful and extremely visible! The LAX Sign could, in its future, very likely come to be as iconic as the Hollywood Sign, which for many years has represented the hope for a new life, for many travelers coming to LA, dreaming of one day becoming a star. In a time when many people come to the city of dreams by plane, it is easy to imagine the city’s newest residents seeing the large and elegant sign as a chance to start over, fulfill their dreams or “make it big.” Understanding what the sign could come to mean for many people, they made sure that their sign would be designed, executed and installed in a way that would ensure their sign would become a Landmark.

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