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Monument Signs – Vital for your Business! Installment Three

Monument Sign Week 3

Installment Three

What Should your Monument Sign be Made of: Part Two

by John Myres

In our last installment, we talked about the material options for the base and overall structure of a Monument Sign.   Graphically speaking, it is best to have some dimension or thickness to the lettering and logos, etc., that appear on your Monument Sign.  This can be achieved by using individual lettering such as “flat-cut-out” aluminum of ¼ – 1” thick, or even internally illuminated channel letters.  Letters and graphics can also be recessed into the background in “relief”.  Using these methods, you can really give your Monument Sign that custom and impressive, substantial appearance that really makes your company “stand out.”

The question arises: should my Monument Sign be lighted or not?  I find that people often dismiss the issue of sign lighting.  Depending upon where you are and the time of year, half your day is typically in the dark.  This means that all the beauty and impressiveness of your Monument Sign is completely lost to all viewers for very substantial amounts of time, often when there is a lot of traffic on the road.  Why not then make sure you have a great sign that can be seen at all hours of the day?

As far as how the sign can be illuminated, externally or internally, there are many acceptable and wonderful methods.  Your Monument Sign can be lighted from within using efficient fluorescent or LED lighting in such a way as to make the letters and graphics themselves stand out all by themselves in the dark.  Also, individual letters can be made to glow against the sign background with a “halo”.  Either way, your message and image are going to “jump out” at the viewers in a very positive way.

You may also choose to “externally” illuminate your sign with LED, fluorescent or halogen flood, spot or strip lighting.  These, with a combination of individual lettering, logos and graphics as well as some nice architectural features such as stone, tile or “flourishes”, can be artfully used with very dramatic effect if done properly.  The main thing to remember though, however you light your Monument Sign, if you can, light your sign!

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