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Monument Signs – Vital for your Business! Installment Two

Monument Sign Week 2

Installment Two

What Should your Monument Sign be Made of: Part One

by John Myres

As we discussed in installment one, a Monument Sign is ground mounted and usually considerable in size.  As a result, it requires a substantial “footing” below the ground.  The footing is a combination of concrete and steel pipe or structure that helps your sign stay upright and level in case of excessive wind or other natural forces.  Dependent upon the size of the sign, it is common for most cities to require this footing to be designed by a licensed structural engineer.  The want to be sure that it’s not going to fall over an injure anyone or destroy any nearby property or vehicles!  For that reason, the footing is very important.  If the footing isn’t well designed, the sign can move, slide or tilt so that at some future point you’ll have an ugly mess and possible hazard on your hands!

Secondly, as you can no doubt appreciate, it is a sign that is meant to last.  A well-built Monument Sign should be serviceable for decades, easily.  For that reason, what you see above the ground should be of durable, quality materials.  At the same time, since the sign is being used to make a vital impression about your business, those materials should be of the kind that can be formed into something beautiful and impressive.

Some good materials I recommend are Aluminum, Concrete, Stone or Tile, with combinations of these for decorative and artistic purposes.  Monument Signs can also be constructed of “poured-in-place” concrete.  This makes an extremely long-lasting sign.  The drawback to this method is that it has to be made in a “form” and that limits the creativity you can achieve with it.  Aluminum can be formed and shaped in many beautiful ways, while remaining rust free and paintable with highly-durable finishes.  It’s what I recommend as the frame and main background for your Monument Sign.

Monument Signs can be made or decorated with Stone or Tile.  While typically your sign should have a base background of either Aluminum or Concrete, the addition of Stone or Tile is a great way to enhance its beauty and allow it to compliment the architectural features that already exist on your building or property.  And these materials are also very durable if done correctly, so that the investment you are making in your company’s image will last on and on!

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Continued next week: What should your Monument Sign be made of? – Part Two.

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