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Monument Signs – Vital for your Business! Installment One

Monument Sign Week 1

Installment One

by John Myres

For the “uninitiated,” a Monument Sign is a substantial, freestanding sign structure, installed in and supported by the ground. It’s called a “monument” because it looks somewhat like a tombstone in a graveyard. However, you don’t have to worry that using one will be the death of your business! Properly designed and constructed, a Monument Sign can advertise, enhance and compliment your establishment, concern or property like no other sign can.

In this and the following articles, we’ll explore not only what a Monument Sign is and is not, but we will also discuss what it should be made of, why and when it should be used and what to know about purchasing one. I am looking forward to sharing with you and hope that you will find these blogs both enjoyable and useful. So here it goes:

What a Monument Sign is and What it is Not

A Monument Sign is a ground mounted sign that is typically “landscape” or horizontal in configuration. They typically range in height from 4 – 8 feet with lengths from 8 – 20 feet. They can be single-faced (with graphics on only one side and facing a street), double-faced (perpendicular to the street so that two sides can have advertising), or on rare occasions even 3 or 4 sided.

A Monument Sign is not a “pole” or “pylon” sign, which are signs that usually exceed 20 feet in height and occasionally reach 60 feet and higher. Pole Signs are meant to be seen from greater distances; while Monument Signs by contrast are much more intimate and decorative, meant to make a positive statement about your business to drivers near their natural eye level.

Monument Signs are also not a “Directional Sign.” Directional Signs, besides being much smaller, merely direct a motorist or pedestrian from one location to the other. But a Monument Sign is much more important than that. Although it’s main emphasis is to advertise your business and services to interested passers-by, it can be an extremely effective tool to help the public not only know who you are and what you do, but it can also make a vital impression about the quality, integrity and excellence of your establishment and what sets you apart from your competition!

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Continued next week: What should your Monument Sign be made of?

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