Sign Industry Article: Quality Signage Across the Globe

HDU Sign in Nafpolio HUD Sign

There are exciting and innovative signs being created throughout the sign industry internationally. We came across this article that has given us an example of what is going on in the industry. We found it of particular interest because the subject of the article, a man from Greece named Periandros Damoulis, has a similar start in the sign business to that of our Landmark Signs Inc. owner, John Myres. John, like Periandros, started out as young man learning the techniques of signage that was handpainted. Both men also realized that the industry was changing from brushwork to computer graphics and taught themselves how to sign design on the computer.

While John’s career led him to start Landmark Signs, Periandros turned his attention to HDU signage, like the image of the sign seen above. He even “still begins all of his work with hand rendering, then digitizes them with Gerber Omega and the Adobe Creative Suite” (The Brilliance of Peri the Greek). It’s interesting to see where those in the sign industry start out and how their journey can take them places they may have never expected it to go. However, it appears that for many a desire to give their customers the best quality and most up-to-date technologically current signage is a key factor in determining which direction they should take. Follow the link below to read the full article.

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