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What are Channel Letter Signs?

Often times, when meeting others and explaining our business, we are asked “What type of signs do you make?”  And since one of our most commonly produced signs is Channel Letter Signs, this is usually one of our answers.  Which is almost always followed by another question, “What are Channel Letter Signs?”  Because this happens a lot, we thought our blog would be a perfect place to explain our answer thoroughly.

Channel Letter Signs are usually the signs seen on the store front of a building typically above the entrance.  You may have often heard them referred to as “Neon Signs” or even “LED Signs,” which comes from the fact that they are internally illuminated by one of these two lighting options.   The lighting can also be constructed in different ways such as standard lit through, halo lighting, and exposed lighting.

Verizon Channel Letter Sign Planet Beauty Sign

The standard lit through is a dimensional letter that has lighting inside the letter with a translucent face so that the light can shine through.

First American Stand Lit Through Word and Brown Channel Letter Sign

The halo lighting is similarly constructed except that the back of the letter is exposed, with the lighting directed towards the back so it shines around the letter giving it a halo glow.

Landmark Signs Halo Letters

And the exposed neon is like the standard lit through lettering, except there is no face covering the letter so that the neon can directly be seen.

Joes Crab Shack Exposed Neon Channel Letter Sign Benningans Exposed Neon Channel Letter Sign

Channel Letter Signs are a bold and vibrant color meant to attract the attention of the customers passing by especially when it is illuminated at night.  They are particularly helpful during winter when the nights are long and business hours run into the night.  Furthermore, they are designed in a manner that also looks elegant and creative during the day as well.

We hope that this brief description helped you to better understand Channel Letter Signs.  Stay tuned for a blog that discusses which Channel Letter lighting option is best for you!

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