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What Message Does Your Sign Display? Multi-Location Project: First American Title

Although some may not realize it, the signage one uses to promote their company can say a lot about what a business wants their potential customers to know about them.  A bright flashing Neon Sign can relay a message of creativity and vibrancy, a simple aluminum 3D Sign might tell of effortless elegance, and a sign made of the highest qualities of sign materials is designed to let clients know that quality matters.  One of our clients, First American Title, understood the importance of advertisement through signage and wanted to make sure their customers were impressed with their company just from their signage alone.

Choosing to portray a message of quality and class, First American Title asked us to provide them with signage like no other.  They wanted something that would say to their clients to know that they were trustworthy and established.  In our minds there was only one creative yet practical solution: Gold Leaf Signage.  What better way to communicate reliability and sophistication than with the rarely seen Gold Leaf Signage that quite literally turns signs into art?

Quite taken with the idea, First American went for it, and we were able to provide them with Gold Leaf, and Silver Leaf Signage in not only many different forms, but in many different places.  Over the years, we renovated their company’s signage in Southern California, Northern Califonia, Texas, Ohio, Massachusetts, and several other states around the country.  We also provided them with more than one type of signage including Monument Signs, Lobby Signs, 3D Signs, and Directional Signs, all in the elegant Gold and Silver Leaf of course.

Taking this new direction allowed First American to update their look with something exciting and unique, but also told a story of dependability, competence, and innovativeness.  Signage done the right way, with custom design, the latest in state-of-the-art technology, using the highest materials, and installing it with experience and care, has the potential to be the type of advertising that can last 15 or more years and can display excitedly the type of message that you want your customers to remember about you.  That’s why, at Landmark Signs, we take our sign projects very seriously and with the capabilities of helping companies large or small, local or international, creative or dependable, we are proud to work with clients like First American, who let their signs speak for themselves.

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