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Five Creative, Practical Sign Solutions for Your Company

Advertising and marketing are extremely powerful and important tools that every business should utilize in the most effective way possible.  The way to make the most permanent, impressive impact in this area of expertise is signage. However, the term “signage” can be a little vague and could mean a variety of different things.  For companies who know that they need to use originate, renovate, or expand their sign needs but struggle with knowing which type of signage is best, I have compiled a list of the 5 most effective sign types and why they might work best for you and your growing company.

Channel Letter Signs

When considering permanent signage, the sign type most often discussed is Channel Letter Signs, also referred to these as “Neon Signs.”  Although this phrase is a correct way to describe Channel Letter Signs, it limits the array of options a potential sign owner has when it comes to Channel Letter Signs.  Yes, they can be lit by neon, but they can also be illuminated by LED.  Not only can both of these lighting options be lit in a standard-lit through method, but they can be used to display halo lighting, standard lit through with halo lighting, and neon can even provide exposed neon lighting.  See examples of each lighting option below.

All of which, depending on the message you are trying to convey to your customers, can be custom designed to make a beautiful and powerful product to place proudly over your store, office or building.  Channel Letter Signs are a great option for those that want to make a beautiful, bold statement that will literally draw customers right to your door.  These signs are especially helpful when a company is located right on the street and desire to get noticed even during the evening and night hours.  They can be placed on high-rise buildings as well.  Plus, for those who want to have an illuminated sign placed above their door but do not want to overwhelm their clients with too much attention, halo-lighting is a classy and subtle choice for your Channel Letter Signs.

Lobby Signs

Another type of signage that makes an impression to customers literally in your store or office is Lobby Signs.  Lobby Signs are the informational signs that can be installed on the interior walls of your office, artistically and confidentially displaying your company name.  Although these signs can be illuminated, they are usually not lit because it is best to keep Lobby Signs understated and delicate.  When deciding what type of material to make your Lobby Sign out of, choose from several high-quality materials like metal, acrylic finished with baked enamel paint or even gold leaf (a personal favorite of mine)!

Lobby Signs give the impression of dependability and elegance of your company when clients enter your office.  They also let people know that you are here to stay and can be made in a way that shows the permanence and reliability of your company.  They are ideal for corporate offices, retail stores and even restaurants and assist with identification making them a practical option, but most importantly they can establish your company as important, trustworthy and permanent.

Directional Signs

Directional Signs are essential for any space that has several buildings and suites.  These are the types of signs that point the way to parking entrances, a particular office, identify the names of the building, and are overall used to make your property more navigatable for clients.  There are many options for the look of Directional Signs; they can be created out of sandblasted wood, carved wood, stone, metal & much more.  Able to be made out of many different materials with a variety of color choices, beautiful and attractive Directional Signs can be custom-made to enhance your property and make it easy for your customers to come to you!

When clients are trying to find you, nothing can be more frustrating than arriving somewhere with several buildings and offices that are not properly identified.  Driving or walking around with little knowledge of how to find your company or a particular suite can leave your clients with a bitter taste in their mouth, already irritated before you have even had the chance to talk with them in person.  This is why it is extremely important to make getting around your property as easy as possible with Directional Signs.

Monument Signs

Monument Signs are a permanent and substantial way to advertise your business at street level. They can be substantially constructed of materials such as aluminum, steel, concrete, stone and other long-lasting components. They can also be illuminated externally or internally with neon, fluorescent or LED lighting options in creative ways that will get your sign noticed even at night!

When Wall Signs don’t have the visibility your growing company needs, Monument Signs are an often over-looked option to let customers locate you from the street.  They are also helpful when there are several tenants in a piece of property that would like to be identified in a manner that draws the attention of passers-by.  Monument Signs can quite literally turn your marketing strategy into more than just a sign, they can literally become a landmark of your company.

 Pylon Signs

When people think of the most dependable, impressive type of sign, Pylon Signs are usually the first sign that comes to mind.  Like Monument Signs, they are a great option when your Wall Signs do not have the exposure you desire.  Furthermore, they are perfect for letting your customers know where you are from afar and ideal when you have the opportunity to draw attention of those driving by on freeways.

With a Pylon Sign from Landmark Signs, take your company to new heights with a sign mounted in the air 15 feet or sometimes as high as 100 feet! Pylon Signs are the most substantial and impressive sign product you can choose and usually have internal illumination options. To impress and attract clients, there is no better sign option than a Pylon Sign.

Knowledge is empowering and can enable to use the tools you have been given the most efficiently.  Choosing a sign that best fits not only your company but with clients as well can be the different between getting the sale or getting passed by.  Do everything you can to display the right message and advertise the way you want, starting with the type of sign your company uses.

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What Message Does Your Sign Display? Multi-Location Project: First American Title

Although some may not realize it, the signage one uses to promote their company can say a lot about what a business wants their potential customers to know about them.  A bright flashing Neon Sign can relay a message of creativity and vibrancy, a simple aluminum 3D Sign might tell of effortless elegance, and a sign made of the highest qualities of sign materials is designed to let clients know that quality matters.  One of our clients, First American Title, understood the importance of advertisement through signage and wanted to make sure their customers were impressed with their company just from their signage alone.

Choosing to portray a message of quality and class, First American Title asked us to provide them with signage like no other.  They wanted something that would say to their clients to know that they were trustworthy and established.  In our minds there was only one creative yet practical solution: Gold Leaf Signage.  What better way to communicate reliability and sophistication than with the rarely seen Gold Leaf Signage that quite literally turns signs into art?

Quite taken with the idea, First American went for it, and we were able to provide them with Gold Leaf, and Silver Leaf Signage in not only many different forms, but in many different places.  Over the years, we renovated their company’s signage in Southern California, Northern Califonia, Texas, Ohio, Massachusetts, and several other states around the country.  We also provided them with more than one type of signage including Monument Signs, Lobby Signs, 3D Signs, and Directional Signs, all in the elegant Gold and Silver Leaf of course.

Taking this new direction allowed First American to update their look with something exciting and unique, but also told a story of dependability, competence, and innovativeness.  Signage done the right way, with custom design, the latest in state-of-the-art technology, using the highest materials, and installing it with experience and care, has the potential to be the type of advertising that can last 15 or more years and can display excitedly the type of message that you want your customers to remember about you.  That’s why, at Landmark Signs, we take our sign projects very seriously and with the capabilities of helping companies large or small, local or international, creative or dependable, we are proud to work with clients like First American, who let their signs speak for themselves.

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